Islands conjure many notions of the exotic, treasures lost and found, adventure, romance, isolation, mystery, opportunity, hardship, sanctuary. They have been the muse of creative thinkers, artists, writers, musicians, scientists, explorers, rogues and entrepreneurs across the whole history of humanity. For many, Islands are a place of escape, somewhere that provides time and space for thinking and reflecting that affords anonymity, seclusion, rest or retreat. For others they are a challenge for ingenuity, resolve and tenacity, a testing ground for ideas and innovations. Some view them full of opportunity, for reinvention, exploration or commerce.

We all live in/on islands, real or virtual, tiny or large, remote or connected, challenging or idyllic, political or cultural, disciplinary or religious, philosophical or psychological ... Many of us live across a number of Islands and are adept at moving between them. Residents adapt to the pace and rhythm of their Islands. They are resourceful, using the limited resources they have to respond to meeting their needs. Innovation and community collaboration is necessary for survival and develops rich and diverse cultural structures. We can learn from visiting islands, sharing experiences and iterating approaches.

On Islands : Eramboo is a ground breaking creative arts project being undertaken on the Northern Beaches of Sydney this November 13 - 30th at Eramboo, Terrey Hills.

This 3 week arts festival curated by Selena Griffith, includes site specific collaborative art works and installations, artist and curator talks, workshops and performances. It involves over 70 local, regional, national and internationally established creatives, producing 27 collaborative works. Artists, designers, musicians, performers, photographers, architects, writers, poets and filmmakers will be responding to the theme 'On Islands’ extending their practice and the viewers’ imagination.

Join us to celebrate the amazing talent of these creative collaborators and enjoy the experiences they have produced for you.

To find out more and make a donation to the project click here - every little bit helps - as we are a not-for-profit arts organisation, all our funding and amazing events happen thanks to you!