Andrew Gorman-Murray


Andrew Gorman-Murray is a both social and cultural geographer and an emerging photomedia artist. His media encompass photography, video, digital art and installation. His art practice is strongly influenced by his scholarship in social and cultural geography; it is conceptually-driven, and simultaneously personal and political. As a Senior Lecturer in Geography and Urban Studies at the University of Western Sydney, his research encompasses gender, sexuality and space; home and domesticity; mobility, migration and belonging; urban and rural social change; and nature-culture relations. His artwork is an attempt to visualise and understand the diverse relationships between identity, place and environment. On the one hand, he explores the intersections of cultural and natural systems, including human-animal relations, conservation, urban nature, streetscapes and natural elements. On the other hand, he engages in socially-engaged and psychologically-driven work that seeks to convey shifting moments of selfhood, and malleable relationships between people, place and movement.

Andrew is part of team Over the Ditch