Cathy Lee


Cathy Lee lives in Victoria on Vancouver Island and sometimes feel a little smug that such a lovely place is her place. The environment suits her; a small city with many trees and the ocean ten minutes from her house. Cathy works at home with a small press and has lately been using drypoint and photopolymer plates because they are quick to make and she can experiment with inks, and papers. Cathy likes book forms and boxes because of the intimacy involved in viewing something you hold in your hands and the ways an image changes when paper folds or pages turn.

Cathy wanted to participate in “On Islands” because collaboration prompts her to keep working and to try different ideas. Lee and Lisa Marshall, her collaborator, both have collections of things they have picked up along the way – stones, shells, seeds and other small items. They talked about islands as physical places where objects come to you or go away from you.

Cathy is part of team Flotsam and Jetsam