Chris Brickell


Chris Brickell is Associate Professor of Gender Studies at the University of Otago. His research focuses on connections between sexuality and gender, especially in relation to masculinity and homoeroticism. Other interests include consumer culture, cultural politics, citizenship, and histories of adolescence. He draws heavily from sociological and cultural historical approaches, and also from recent scholarship in cultural geography. He is interested in connections between time, space, subjectivity and social worlds, and hence his work is interdisciplinary. There are fractures and continuities between all of these aspects of social life, just as there are between the disciplines that examine them, and he finds these fractures and continuities fascinating. Photographs, as well as texts, afford insights into worlds past and present, and he has become increasingly interested in the visual. His work examines the photograph as object, and he has developed an artisan book design practice.

Chris is part of team Over the Ditch