Christina Frank


Through painting, drawing and sculpture, Christina explores identity in relation to environment, as well as ideas about beauty and its role in art and life. She grew up amidst the Sydney bush, a landscape she strongly identifies with. She studied architecture at Sydney University, and practiced as an architect for 12 years. She worked on large public buildings and also designed homes. She aspires to architecture responsive to its environment and joyful to the spirit. For 4 years she ran an afterschool Art program initiated out of concern for children to acquire skills and develop creativity. Christina has been a resident artist at Eramboo artist environment for 4 years, participating in regular group exhibitions. She exhibited at Manly Art Gallery in ‘Frameworks‘ and ‘Keeping Company with the Collection’. She has participated in Pittwater Artists Trail, ‘Art in Odd Places’ public art project and ‘Lakelight’ sculpture walk.

Christina is interested in ‘On Islands’ for its collaborative nature and the opportunity to work across art forms: for all the possibilities of the sum being greater than its parts.

Christina is part of team Moses Australis