Daryle Newman


Founder of NGO, Jambo Arts, Daryle Newman brings with her a mixture of bwebwenato (storytelling) and journey. Her art personifies her years spent in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, a remote Pacific atoll scarce of first world conveniences and entitlements but full of memory, mystery and manet (custom).  Born in NZ, growing up on the beaches of coastal WA, living in NSW, and returning from  three years on her island home in the RMI,  Daryle’s heartbeat is inextricably linked to tides.  Her imagery leaves no question of her connection to water or storytelling all who live anchored by it. Since her return to Australia, Daryle has begun to question the notions of home and belonging. Where it is she should call home. Who is home?  How many homes she can have, and how she can defend her homelands and seas against the ravages of climate change and indifference? Currently studying her masters in Arts Administration at COFA Daryle aims to find ways of protecting and promoting her island homes and the growth of art and artists of Jambo Arts.

Daryle is part of team On Island