Eunice McAllister


Eunice McAllister originates from New York but resides on Scotland Island in Pittwater. She works primarily with digital photography but also glass sculpture and public art. After receiving a BA in English and Philosophy from Fordham University in New York, Eunice travelled for many years and arrived in Australia in 1982. She has come to art practice late in life, commencing studies at the age of 46 having spent most of her life doing office work. Photoshopping is the skill she feels most comfortable with. Eunice has received BFA and MArt degrees from UNSW COFA and has been in a number of shows since then. She is fascinated by Australian flora and fauna. The works she makes come from an immigrant’s perspective, illuminating her feeling of undergoing an otherworldly experience. Eunice feels utopia is where everyone is an artist and that digital media makes art practice available to everyone.

Eunice is part of team The Edible Isles