Kathryn Dallimore


Working with materials sourced from community reuse centres such as Reverse Garbage, Dallimore create miniature sculptures that are mythical and otherworldly in appearance yet share a similar structure to that of organic forms found in nature. The miniature sculptures are a hybrid of beads, cotton, wool, plastics and other artificial matter. Her practice also explores painting as a medium combining watercolour forms with collaged images sourced from magazines. All painted works are produced on clear acetate to create a transparency and lightness within the work.

Investigating themes of alchemy and post-humanism, Dallimore looks at finding cohesion between opposing materials such as plastic (the artificial) and cotton (the natural). These hybrid forms question-outdated notions of dualism between nature and culture. The use of organic and inorganic materials therefore seek to metaphorically convey that mankind are already assimilated into a scientific/artificial world and as such, her hybrid entities are an embodiment of a hopeful unification and balance between these polarities.

Kathryn is part of team On Island