Mirre van Dalen


Mirre van Dalen’s background in art therapy has profoundly influenced her art practice, the core of her work aspiring to create a deep connection with the audience. This expression flows naturally between paintings on the wall, through mixed media and sculpture to installation art.

Mirre’s works are approached in an improvisational manner, through simple child-like exercise. Mirre finds freedom and growth in the balance of having an objective, but also letting it go and seeing what transpires. Materials are the starting point of her creative act but transform to tell a story previously untold through spontaneous development. The end product is unplanned and surprising to both artist and audience. Mirre’s tactile experience of the materials connects and resonates within her, drawing out that which is within, they are reflective of an internal conversation, the connection between self and art.

Mirre is part of team The Sum of Us