Ashen Lace


Ashen Lace

Zone 21

Cherry Corr, Katerina Cosgrove, Dale Kentwell

Milled timber, copper,  found natural materials,  palm inflorescence,  electrical cable, conduit, twine, wire, dye, plywood.

Representations of lace are grouped as islands of joy, respite and ease. They symbolise the fragility and vulnerability of our local, natural environment, and the possibility of regeneration, in sculpture and text. Lace-like forms are burnt, sewn and woven throughout the wet heath site to create individual narratives and habitats. The femininity of lace inspires the forms and materials in this installation, and represents the strength, beauty and fragility of Mother Nature. Traversing the site, the viewer discovers 'lace islands' that highlight the contrast between hope and despair, destruction and renewal - and many hybrids in between.

Ashen Lace Species quiz

I am slender with leaves like leather, inner trunk satin, oozing blood. I store water in my roots for dry years.

Who am I?

Eucalyptus Gummifera  (Bloodwood)



I come to you with tenderness, small-leaved, highly-scented, with a powdered heart of gold. My fruit is cup-shaped, vessels of nectar.

Who can I be?

Angophora Bakeri  (Narrow-leaved or small-leaved apple)



I undulate, my leaves resinous waves in the wind. In summer sweet flowers fill the air; bell-shaped, glossy, waxen. 

Who am I?

Pittosporum Undulatum (Sweet Pittosporum)



I come to you with brittle shades of green and grey; in twilight my flowers glow, milk and cream, pliant as skin to touch.

Who can I be?

Actinotus Helianthi  (Flannel Flower)



I am the rusty sentinel of the bush; my serrated leaves, furred and hard, upright. In early autumn I surprise you with my boldness. 

Who am I?

Banksia Oblongifolia  (Fern-leaved or Rusty Banksia)



I come to you with winter starbursts of light, needle-sharp, my flowers the memory of childhood. 

Who can I be?

Hakea Sericea  (Needlebush or Silky Hakea)



I am the harbinger of early spring; miniature petals for perfume and bees; myriad stamens the palest pink. 

Who am I?

Leptospermum Polygalifolium  (Tantoon or Yellow Tea Tree)



I come to you fire-blackened, my stump a young boy crouching, branched with needles that prick. 

Who can I be?

Xanthorrhoea Australis  (Grass-tree or Black-boy)



I am delicate and shy; my bittersweet leaves medicinal, berries blush-purple and black.

Who am I?

Smilax Glyciphylla (Sweet Sarsaparilla)

Species list for Ashen Lace Site.

Angophora bakeri  (Narrow-leaved apple)
Eucalyptus gummifera  (Bloodwood)
Eucalyptus  sieberi  (Silvertop Ash)
Eucalyptus haemastoma  (Scribbly Gum)
Eucalyptus punctata  (Grey Gum)
Allocasuarina littoralis  (Black She-Oak)
Pittosporum undulatum (Sweet Pittosporum)

Actinotus helianthi
  (Flannel Flower)
Actinotus minor  (Lesser Flannel Flower)
Acacia floribunda  (Sally Wattle)
Acacia longifolia  (Sydney Golden Wattle )
Acacia suaveolens  (Sweet Scented  Wattle)
Banksia oblongifolia  (Fern-leaved Banksia) 
Banksia marginate  (Silver Banksia)
Banksia ericifolia  (Heath banksia)
Bauera rubioides  (Dog rose, river rose)
Boronia floribunda  (Pale pink boronia)
Boronia ledifolia  (Sydney Boronia)
Calytrix tetragonia  (Fringe Myrtle)
Dillwynia retorta  (Eggs and Bacon)
Dianella caerulea  (Paroo Lily)
Epacris sp
Gahnia aspera  (Rough Saw-sedge)
Gleischenia dicarpa  (Pouched Coral Fern)
Grevillea sericea  (Pink Spider Flower)
Grevillea speciosa  (Red spider flower)
Grevillea buxifolia (Grey spider flower)
Hakea sericea  (Needlebush)
Hakea teretifolia  (Dagger Hakea)
Hibbertia aspera  (Rough Guinea Flower)
Kunzea ambigua  (Tick Bush)
Leptospermum squarrosum  (Pink Tea Tree)
Leptospermum polygalifolium  (Yellow Tea Tree) 
Persoonia pinifolia  (Pine-leaved Geebung)
Petrophile pulchella  (Conesticks)
Lomandra oblique  (Twisted mat rush)
Lomandra longifolia  (Spiny-head Mat-rush)
Lepidiospermum sp  ( Sword sedge)
Lindsaea linearis  (Screw Fern)
Orchid sp
Opercularia  aspera   (Common stinkweed)
Patersonia glabrata  (Leafy Purple Flag)
Platysace linearifolia  (Carrot Tops)
Xanthorrhoea australis  (Grass-tree)

Dichondra repens (Kidney Weed)
Hydrocotyle (Pennywort)
Entolasia stricta (Wiry Panic)
Stipa pubescens (Spear Grass)

Billarderia scandens  (Dumplings)

Cassytha  glabella (Slender Devil's Twine)
Smilax glyciphylla (Sweet Sarsaparilla)