A Suffragette asks...


A Suffragette asks serious questions of The Sea

Zone 20

Kuba Dorabialski, Katy B Plummer

Has there ever, ever, ever been a silent moment, ever, in the History Of Earth?

Why am I never alone?

Is that object a boulder, or a pebble?

Is it possible to engage fully in the stuff and politic of the world, and yet still hold ajar the doorway to swirling infinity?

Is a god's-eye view of any use in a Revolution?

Are my impulses my own, or is Free Will a trick that History plays on me?

In the absence of clear answers, The Suffragette tries to embody the two contradictory states. And the pinnacle of her pitched struggle for sovereignty, Infinity cocks its finger, and she is invited to go the way of all flesh.


This video and audio work, embedded within a sculptural environment, tells a story about the collision between a person's private interior and the collective experience.

Katy and Kuba live and work together, collaborating deeply in ways that are so entangled, they are no longer certain where one ends and the other begins.