Insula Natura


Insula Natura

Zone 13

Imogen Cranna and Patrick Shirvington

The Eramboo On Islands project, Insula Natura, will work with sculptural drawing and soundscape as tools for phenomenology, describing what one would feel if nature could speak. Research has shown that full awareness or cognition comes about through time spent with and experiencing the subject, in this case, the natural world. This work will endeavour to enhance cognition through reconnecting to nature, allowing ones observations to elevate a mere objective glance to a heightened spiritual experience.

Through the use of sound projecting from a lyre shaped sculptural installation in the natural environment, the viewer will be given the opportunity to reflect on their surrounds. The sculptural web tapers to a single thread, featuring a drawing implement whose ethereal movement is suggestive of nature's enduring voice. Evoking an innate meditative state accessible to us all, Insula Natura bridges the mundane and invites us to reflect on our symbiotic relationship with the natural world. 

artists statement

Having observed the natural world through individual artistic practices, our disciplines will now fuse through a cross-disciplinary project entitled Insula Natura (Nature of the Island). Patrick's artistic practice mainly focuses on drawing, painting and sculptural art and the evolution of his work has unfolded due to a close involvement with the natural world. The process of experience, in this case ‘the natural world’ through art, develops our imaginative capacities into a form of cognition. This cognition then becomes an integral part of our consciousness. The artwork not only expresses the phenomena of the natural world through the sculptural installation, but through an immersive, aural experience that allows the aesthetics to print an indelible picture on one’s memory. Imogen is a multidisciplinary artist whose past work at Eramboo has guided her in developing an organic approach to soundscape and interactivity, the foundation of her artistic practice. Plucked notes, which seem to emanate from the web like strings of the drawing implement, will immediately capture the viewer and stimulate a heightened awareness of the ambient sounds that habitually occur unheeded. This project will anchor our connection to the natural world, encompassing many of its known components that remain unattainable to our consciousness.
Attention to the writings of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832) was the stimulus for this investigation as even today we tend to be divorced from nature, and only attend to it through mainstream science as an observer, studying only the mere surface. As David Seamon comments “I argue that Goethe’s way of science, understood as a phenomenology of nature, might be one valuable means for fostering a deeper sense of responsibility and care for the natural world. By providing a conceptual and lived means to allow the natural world to present itself in a way by which it might speak if it were able, Goethe’s method offers one conceptual and applied means to bypass the reductive accounts of nature typically produced by standard scientific and humanist perspectives. Seamon .
Inviting the observer to sit and meditate on the installation, resonate sound will gradually envelop the observer and appear to flow uninhibited from the harp-like structure. This subtle aural interaction will entice viewers to remain with the seemingly simplistic sculpture for longer than anticipated, allowing for an intuitive realisation to grow. Being enabled to grasp our symbiotic relationship with the natural world is integral to a continuing, sustainable human existence on this planet, our island home, in this unforgiving universe. Insula Natura fuses sculptural and interactive soundscape with the intent to nurture this understanding, bringing into focus nature's voice for those who have rarely stopped to listen.