Flotsam and Jetsam


Flotsam and Jetsam

Zone 7

Cathy Lee and Lisa Marshall 

artist’s books, printmaking, collage, found objects 

C. I met Lisa years ago when she was on Vancouver Island with her daughter who was about a year old, and we reconnected last year in Australia.  I jumped at the opportunity to collaborate “On Islands” because I’d so enjoyed going to galleries in Sydney and working in her studio and we do both live on islands.

L. Our artist’s books contain our responses to each others found detritus after their exchange. We have both used printmaking and collage but each piece will be unique and therefore reflects our personal narratives and individual styles. Together, as a collection, they exhibit as a group of treasures reflecting our different environments; literally, oceans apart.

C. We both have collections of small things – seeds and stones, bits of color and texture – and we sent each other boxes of them.  I thought about how things get where we find them and about how things get away from us.  It was a bit tricky working through emails and sending things through the post but still it’s exciting to get a parcel and find something new to work on.  It’s kept me working and started me back into book making and collage.

L. Like printmaking, the process of collection, selection and finally exchange via post has been a deliberate and slow process. The anticipation of the arrival and then unwrapping of the parcel of works, the thrill of handling the prints and finally their appreciation have combined to make our long distance collaboration a motivating and inspiring experience.

Some of the works by Lisa and Cathy will be available for purchase.