The Liquid Air


The Liquid Air (Breathing Structure)

Zone 22

Ainslie Murray, Renata Ferrari Legoretta

Acrylic, Aluminium, Sand, Vinyl Tube

The Liquid Air (Breathing Structure) explores relationships between atmospheric pollution and ocean acidification through a collaboration between artist-architect Ainslie Murray and marine spatial ecologist Renata Ferrari. The work is developed from images of eroded branching corals and infant corals struggling to survive in the acidified ocean. A complex three-dimensional ‘breathing’ structure is threaded through an architectural space to explore parallels between underwater structures (branching corals) and atmospheric structures (built environments).

The Liquid Air is an ongoing experimental visual arts research project investigating the relationship between the atmosphere and architecture. The first iteration, The Liquid Air (Prototype), is a semi-permanent installation in Eramboo bushland that opened in November 2013. It explored the atmosphere by considering the permeability of architectural space. A second iteration, The Liquid Air (Particulate Matter), opened in Shanghai in October 2014 and considered urban atmospheric pollution through data readings on the suspended contents of the air we inhabit. The Liquid Air (Breathing Structure) is the third iteration in the project, and focuses on parallels between underwater and atmospheric structures.

This work received an Arts NSW grant to assist in its development.