Participatory Performance and Installation over various locations

Gregg Stonehouse, Mary GibbonsIren GormanMillie Prangnell, Various performers, Audience


The curator, Selena Griffith believes that the freedom of movement is bound by identity, health, language, permissions and histories where you either belong or you don’t.


This installation performance, entitled passport, regulates the threshold for the On Islands exhibition. To gain entry, a number of barriers must be passed where the notion of belonging is forged at this arrival point. The island of Eramboo welcomes the right people only.


The word identity originated from late 16th century in the sense 'quality of being identical' or sameness. This quality is a prescriptive passport that permits entry to 'The Island'.


Language, which incorporates the verbal and non-verbal, is used to interpret the character of each arrival.  Yet the entry processes do not take into account diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences.


The visitors will bring with them their own experiences of adapting to certain situations. This performance will test their eligibility, their ability to respond and their desire to conform. 


We will make sure you belong or otherwise you can leave.