Oceans of Sound


Oceans of Sound

Entire site tour

Heathre Contant, OnIslands visitors

OnIslands Listening Tours We are surrounded by oceans of sound, but, frequently, like a boat, we float just above these waves, trying to get from place to place. What if, instead, we too become immersed in these sounds?

Hethre’s interactive sound tours will encourage participants to dive into this ocean by experiencing the Islands of Eramboo as voyagers of sound. The tour activities will bring participants into contact with their aural and other non-visual senses. Then, once they have become attuned to the currents and flows of sonic energy that surround us, they will travel through the exhibition in order to discover its hidden sonic treasures!

Oceans of Sound OnIslands Tours, guided by Heathre will be held from 11.30am – 12.30pm on Sunday 16th, Saturday 22nd and Saturday 29th November.