Zone 16

Elaine Clocherty, Mena Johnson

'Reflections' is a process driven, site specific, work where Mena Johnson and Elaine Clocherty have created works relating to the water body at Eramboo. Both artists feel the pool is an island of reflection and beauty within the landscape and an island haven for the local frogs and animals. The artists met at Eramboo and discussed their themes and process. Mena has since written a spoken word piece reflecting the relationship between various aspects of the space.  Elaine has travelled to Eramboo from WA, spending days on site using found local materials to create a work around and over the pool using Mena's words and the characteristics of the site to determine the outcome.

This site specific work hopes to create a focus on Eramboo’s pond, flora and fauna and of the adjacent national park. An island haven for dragonflies, birds, kangaroos and other local wildlife, it sustains life and is a reminder of the importance of water in the dry Australian landscape.  The works do not aim to dominate but to subtly create portals which move, appear and disappear from the viewer. 


In the beginning

silence, filled with desire,

wanted nothing more

than to reflect the kernel of itself;

here on the threshold frogs

recall the speech of the ancestors––

leaf, lizard, tree; green, ripple, sky;

everywhere, the landscape absorbs

the sound of its own naming.


Water, held in the crevice

created by necessity,

holder of silence,

custodian of the temple,

doorway to the interior,

inhabitor of memory,

keeper of inverse images,

sharpened and bound

by the liminal––

detour and raft of renewal.


The world reflects itself,

images travel through no

time, no space, to exist

in this other world;

reveals the place,

within and without,

that is neither, but both;

at the overlap––

a place to meet and be met.


As the heart encircles beauty,

knows the silver-green

leaves of the gums,

the shape of flight

woven invisible in sky,

water remembers light,

throws it back without absorbing it;

between sky and earth and the return––

the land knows you as you are.


 In either world to be that still

and to attend that deep––

to the small creature

who knows the underside of ripples

as wind moves across water;

to silences falling between leaves;

clouds as they move, reform,

translucent; each droplet silent

as the heartbeat of that water-creature

who glides across the dam ready to receive––

hold your listening light.

 Mena Johnson 2014