Island Works


Island Works

Zone 23

Tracy Ponich, Ellie Shore

ISLAND WORKS is a microcosm of the industry fundamental to offshore living. Jetties, wharves, a fire brigade and water access residences in Pittwater bushland. Day to day is about boats, barges, frontend loaders and the machinery of pile driving and jetty construction. It’s hard edged, it’s gritty, yet all takes place in the pristine bush, respected and maintained.

Everywhere water is the key. Tides decide when barges and building materials can be transported. Weather is paramount. Tracy Ponich and ES Shore are presenting these vital contributions to Island life in photographs, ink drawings and paint. The artists explore construction sites, jetty building, and barge operations around Scotland Island.

ISLAND WORKS is a series of photographs, ink drawings and paintings. These are presented in small, square format (approx 30 cm each), ‘windows’ into the industry supporting life on Scotland Island in Pittwater. Given the industrial nature of ISLAND WORKS, the photographs and paintings are presented using ‘rough’ materials, as you would find on the Island and its work sites.