On Island


On Island

Zone 3

Daryle Newman, Emily Tweddell, Oscar Berman, Kathryn Dallimore

If we wish to bring humankind into a new reciprocity with the rest of the biosphere, then we will need to release ourselves from the tyranny of outmoded concepts, and remember ourselves as a part of this breathing planet. We will need to renew our felt experience of the land as a complex of sensitive and sentient powers, as a boisterous community of beings in which our own lives are participant, and to which we are beholden.


- David Abram

 On Island

Dangerous anthropogenic influences on our Earth are undeniable and increasing. Re-examining ourselves as part of nature is critical in tackling our environmental crisis. Interestingly, at the height of this crisis we have entered a technological age hitherto unseen. Equally important is the need to leverage technology as our partner and aid in moving forward.

Our hybrid sculpture ‘On Island’ plays on these three pillars; humans, nature and technology. The strength of a triangle relies on a point of harmony being reached. We seek to explore the positive potency of each pillar and the potential for abundant harmony. 

Our three visual artists have responded to this theme through one sculptural piece, eventually forming the whole. The spontaneous outcome of our final construction represents the reality of the unknown but the importance to response to change and quickly adapt. 

A musical piece, by our sound artist, seeks to centre the work and help to evoke pending connections.

We are all one. We are on island.